Young Lawyer's Conference 15th/Nov/2017

This conference was a platform to network & draw solutions for the ICT diverse world.

Female Lawyer's Conference 16th/Nov/2017

Making it Rain: Becoming a successful Rainmaker, Getting a team & recognition.

Leading Law Firm's Forum 16th/Nov/2017

Improving the Investment climate in the EAC. The Achievements and Challenges.

Meet & Greet Cocktail 16th/Nov/2017

The role of Women Lawyers in the Bar Associations in East Africa. Lessons learnt. What's next for the legal profession?

EALS Annual Conference 17th/Nov/2017

Cross Border Litigation will provide a larger market for lawyers in the EAC Region.

EALS Annual General Meeting 18th/Nov/2017

Financing the East Africa's Economy and What is Expected of every Advocate.

What Members Say