TIn its endeavor to create a strong regional bar and reinforce its vision and mission, the Society is guided by the following truths in its day-to-day decision making and how its members behave:

Excellence: EALS is known for excellence. We provide the best in class service for all our stakeholders. Professionalism: The entire operation of EALS is guided by the highest standards of international best practices, with our staff and members ensuring impartiality and fair balance of competing interests and upholding ethical approaches in the conduct of their work. We are known to deliver services on time, every time and with the highest quality. We also celebrate regional diversity within the Society

Integrity: EALS at all times maintains the highest standards of integrity. We also demand the same level of integrity from our members, consultants and those with whom we do business. Innovation: EALS constantly enlists new ways of delivering services to members. The society is driven by innovative initiatives in its programming, the use of technology in its operations and in delivering more value for money.

Customer-centricity: EALS is member focused at all times, knowing that its mandate is driven from the members and their respective National Law Societies. As such collaboration with National Law Societies is a central part of our work. In the design and delivery of its services, EALS seek to understand its members’ needs, making sure that it is accountable to members and always delivering value for money.