This is an initiative of the East Africa Law Society to promote the profession and build the capacity of lawyers in the region through training. The EALS institute provides world-class training in key areas of practice, governance and other key sectors to spur integration and development.

The trainings are conducted by way of partnership with world leading institutions for collaborative trainings and accreditation. Trainings are conducted both onsite and online. Trainers are sourced from our massive database of experts across East Africa as well as internationally recognized experts

The institute also serves as the research arm of EALS and is a respectable source of information on governance, rule of law, EAC integration, constitutionalism, human rights among others.

They drafted a constitution for the Society which was entrusted to Mrs. MwanaidiMajar, Mr. Charles Rwechungura and Mr. Kamejafor registration. The aim was to register a regional body. However, at the time, the governance system was very restrictive and the only way to register was asa company limited by guarantee. Sharing in the vision for the region two esteemed senior advocates, Mr. Mohammed Ismail and Mr. EvaristMbuya agreed to take it up as the initial subscribers. The intention right from the start and which was encapsulated in the Memorandum and Articles of Association was to have aninstitution providing institutional and individual membership for all lawyers in East Africa. The EALS was registered on 26th October, 1995, as a Company Limited by Guarantee and registered as a foreign company in Kenya and Uganda.

It was not until four years later under the presidency and leadership of Mr. Colman Ngalothat EALS was able to set up a secretariat in Arusha at the Arusha International Conference Centre. The first CEO of EALS was Advocate Julius Sabuni.

The EALS was reorganized in the year 2000 under a new strategic plan. A new CEO was then brought in in the year 2002 to aid the delivery of the new strategic direction of the Society.

Since then, EALS has grown in leaps and bounds to become the largest organized professional membership organization in East Africa with more than 17,000 members and a strong mandate and interest in the practice and professional development of law as well as people-centred regional integration, constitutionalism, democracy and good governance, the just rule of law and the advancement, promotion and protection of all human rights of all people in East Africa and beyond.

In 2013 members passed a resolution to amend the Memorandum and Articles of Association to reflect the entry of Burundi and Rwanda into the membership of EALS and also inserted an affirmative action clause on gender representation as well as affirming ownership of the Society by the members.

EALS has official observer status at the East African Community and works closely with the East African Court of Justice (EACJ), the East African Legislative Assembly(EALA), the African Court of Peoples and Human Rights(AfCHPR), theAfrican Commission for Human and Peoples' Rights among other reputable regional and international bodies.